Mustafa Tuncali

The Valley Solutions Team

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About Mustafa Tuncali

Born and raised in Turkey, Mustafa moved to Arizona in 2009 in the middle of the biggest economic and real estate crisis.

He didn't speak English, didn't have any job prospects, and his degree in Pharmacy didn't transfer to the United States. While everyone else was losing their jobs, instead of accepting defeat and going back to Turkey, Mustafa pulled himself up by his bootstraps, learned English, developed new skills, and became one the most valuable members of Mayo Clinic's cancer research team.

Even though he worked more than a decade in the science field, Mustafa's passion always lied in Real Estate. He has done a few investment deals for himself, but he wanted to use his skills and his mind to help people with their Real Estate needs.

During the 2020 Covid-19 crisis, he got furloughed from his job, and he used this opportunity to get his real estate license.

Contact Mustafa at (480)299-3356 today to see how he brings his fresh ideas to the Real Estate industry, which can help you achieve your goals whether it's getting the top dollar for your home, finding your dream home, or getting rich investing in real estate.